1. muthologos:

    Theseus Defeats the Centaur - Antonio Canova

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  2. muthologos:

    Heracles and Nessus - Giambologna

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  4. The Torment of Marsyas (Le Supplice de Marsyas), Louvre Museum, Paris.

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  5. timur-i-lang:

    Elephant, Iran, ca. 1294-1299

    Excuse me, THIS IS AWESOME.

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  8. magictransistor:

    Arnold Böcklin, War, 1896.

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  9. magictransistor:

    Claude Paradin. Devises Héroïques. 1551.

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  10. danskjavlarna:

    The Devil and Medusa dancing the Cachuca, from A Fortnight in Ireland by Francis Bond Head, 1852.

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