1. nocturnal-slayer:

    PAN - by Eran Webber

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  2. magictransistor:

    Dayak headhunter attends the Gawai Autu feast (photographed by Charles Hose), Borneo, ca. 1912.

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  3. Dear metalheads…

    Stop romanticizing (or whatever the fuck you’re doing) the rape of nuns. It’s not edgy or cool or funny or ironic, it’s really fucking disgusting that you do this.


  4. chimneyfish:

    The Spirit of Mercury, 1954

    Ernst Fuchs

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  6. magictransistor:

    Chaos Monster and Sun God. Plate 19/83 from Austen Henry Layard’s Monuments of Nineveh, Second Series. 1853.

    Marduk, sun god of Babylon, with his thunderbolts pursues Anzu after Anzu stole the Tablets of Destiny.

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  8. sexnegative:

    Let’s stop acting like punk is rebellion/resistance/anti oppression because honestly, the punk scene coddles rapists, is full of racism/white boy chauvinism/misogyny/classism/much more. We aren’t a family. You’re my enemies and I will destroy you.

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  9. noiseintheaether:

    nuitnuitnuit :

    Russian Orthodox Clergy Vestments

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  10. tenebrum:

    Henry Hugh Armstead (British, 1828 - 1905) St Michael and the Serpent or Satan dismayed ,1853.

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